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A little more info on my Mama's Death.

mamashe/sheshe started this conversation
Hello, This is Elizabeth (Sheila's Daughter) CatLuv had asked me to post a bit of info on how my mom died.....
My mother suffered Multiple Organ System Failure which included her Kidneys, Liver & Smaller Bowl. Hypotension, Dehydration, and Cerebral Vascular Accident ( which means Stroke, Fluid on the Brain). Durring the 2 hrs that god gave my mom the ability to speak to her family, the doctors had to inform her of what was to be... NEVER once did she cry, ask God why, or feel sorry for herself..... My mama endured many issues that took her life but carried her strength and lack of fear with her when she passed. Let that be an Inspiration to anyone who looked up to my mom, sought comfort from her, or depended on her for help. If she can endure all this and still wear a smile, Well so can I.. And so can You.
She loved everyone of her AidPagers and talked so fondly of you all....
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trusting hope
iam truly sorry about your mom--may god bless you always sincerely Barbara Sites
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Thanks for this, as it helps to finally put things to rest for me. I've avoiding coming to the page as the hurt has still been too tender & fresh.
But I wanted to at last find some here I am.
She never really complained, never gave a clue that things were as bad as they were. We chatted mostly about that darling stove we both adored - dreamed about and desired. She encouraged me to keep writing, to use my talent to ride a shooting star...
Our friendship was so special to me, she was supportive, humorous and very unique in personality...a rare character with a large loving heart.
I'll miss her very much...but as is my belief, it's not the end that is to be remembered, but the life, loves, joys and memories of that person...that is how I will celebrate her ever forward.

The odd thing is, I never knew her smile, her face or the color of her hair. Yet inside I could hear the laughter in her words and the humor of her heart. I heard her scoldings, encouragements & happiness though I never heard her voice...
I'm a bit envious of those that knew her longer, better & personally.
As you've much more to cherish in vivid detail than I do...yet I do not envy the greater pain and loss that you no doubt feel with that vibrant life now silent.

I wish you comfort, that in seeing the faces of child & grandchild there is a small piece of her there carried within...granting a living immortality to someone precious...
I feel that she'd not want too much fuss made, that all should do as we were meant to and let it go... I know that I've been writing again, since I know she'd be the first to scold me for letting this natural event immobilize me. Every day others walk that same path, it's not always easy to accept the fact of the high number that do... But it is the way of things, there's no need to lose track of things for too long...

So I listen to the voice that tells me to get back to stop feeling sad and remember the good I'm writing again.
I will keep her friendship in my heart as a treasure - Thank you for sharing her with us....she's touched so many...I know she'll be fondly remembered by all here.
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Thank you for sharing .. I know it must have been very hard to do. It sent chills throughout my whole body, and all I can think is that I hope she didn't suffer. She never led on that she felt so bad, always concerned with others ... She brought me much strength .. and so much more. God bless you and your family. Cat
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Tell Kevin & all of your family hello.

I am praying that G-d will comfort all of you.
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Hi E,

Thank you so much for letting us know.
I loved Sheila dearly. I think about her everyday. She was my friend.
I would like to reach out to you.
If you ever need a friend, a surrogate mom, or just an ear to talk to then I am here for you.

signed "me missing Sheila"
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